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For Grace and Dignity, No One Should Die Alone

When I meet with clients who report they are not married and have no children, they qualify as people who are “solo aging.” An AARP survey of solo agers found that 77% reported that they had little or no planning for assistance as they age. These solo agers also rarely have any plan for care at their end-of-life. When you factor in that our country is facing a health care crisis and lack of caregivers, solo agers and other individuals may want to learn about “The Good Hearts Foundation.”

The Good Hearts Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to ease the suffering of the dying and their families in Montgomery Country, Maryland. They provide end-of-life doula services & companions in individuals’  homes and provide training for their caregivers and volunteers. In addition, The Good Hearts Foundation’s goal is to establish multiple comfort care homes, so care can be given to their guests, who lack end-of-life caregiver support, including the underserved, disenfranchised, solo agers, or veterans-without regard to religion, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. By providing loving care, training, and community education, The Good Hearts Foundation aspire to contribute to a world where one can die with grace and dignity.

All these services are expected to be free of charge to guests due to the generosity and compassion of the community, friends, and neighbors. These homes also will be funded through grants from public, private, and corporate organizations.

To learn more about the Good Hearts Foundation, go to

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