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Give the Gift of a Family Conversation

Your estate planning documents will never be used by you, because if you cannot make medical or financial decisions, your Agent will be making decisions for you using your estate planning documents. While someone else making medical or financial decisions might feel scary to you, it is important to consider whether your agent knows what your wishes are and where to find your legal document if they are needed.

You may be thinking my Agent will figure it out. If that was true, why do I get calls from Agents asking whether they can meet with me to discuss their loved one’s estate planning documents? In reality, your Agent often does not know what your legal documents state, what your medical or financial wishes are, what authority they have to act, or when they can act.

A good analogy is no team goes to the first game without practice. Thus, it is a great idea if you and your Agent have “practice” before a medical or financial event happens.

If you want your agent to have practice, I’m offering a consultation called “Family Conversation” led by me with you and your Agent(s). This Family Conversation is a two-hour session of $850 to review your estate planning documents, discuss your medical and financial wishes, assess their responsibilities, offer resources to make the agent’s role manageable, and ask questions. Please call our office at (301) 339-8725 to schedule your Family Conversation.

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