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Am I being a Coward?

During COVID-19, people have had to make choices about work, health, and family to name just a few. Recently, I had a friend ask me if she was being a coward because she was not willing to visit her grandchildren. When I asked some more questions, I learned that her adult children thought it was okay for their mom and my friend (in her 70s) to visit their homes. There was a catch though. Her children were not willing to get a COVID test before their mom visited. They were not willing to wear their masks during her visit; they were not willing to take their temperatures before or after the visit; and they were not willing to meet their mom in a park so she could watch her grandkids play.

We make choices every day, but these days, our choices can be life changing. I told my friend that she is a strong woman and courageous. She is my hero! I encouraged my friend not to visit her family. I said, “God doesn’t want us to be fearful but God doesn’t want us to be stupid either.”

This issue of visiting families and what precautions people are willing or not willing to take have been challenging during this pandemic. My recommendation to my friend and you is to make thoughtful choices, so you can live another day and visit your grandkids when COVID is over. Stay safe.

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